Roman Ruins of Tróia
The Roman Ruins of Tróia, classified as National Monument since 1910 and inscribed in the World Heritage Tentative List in 2016, are the largest fish-salting and fish sauce production complex known in the Roman Empire.

Since the 16th century, they have been mentioned by people visiting the area and have had several campaigns of excavation, the first of which having taken place in the 18th century, ordered by the future queen D. Maria I. Later on, in the 19th and 20th centuries, major excavations were promoted at the site, by the first directors of the nowadays known as National Museum of Archaeology, such as Leite de Vasconcelos, Manuel Heleno and Fernando de Almeida.

These excavations brought to light fish-salting workshops, including several wells, the baths, a residential area, a rota aquaria, a mausoleum and a paleo-Christian basilica besides several necropolis.

In the scope of a protocol celebrated in 2005 with the goal of safeguarding, recovering, restoring and enhancement of these ruins, between the Portuguese Government and Troiaresort, the touristic company hired an archaeology team working in this site since 2006.


Location Tróia, Grândola, Portugal
Period Roman Imperial (1st century AD - 6th century AD)
Dates 6th - 20th September 2021
(apply for 1 or 2 weeks)
Accommodation Shared house
Working Hours 9am - 1pm (lab work / lectures Tue - Sat)
2pm - 5pm (lab work / lectures Tue - Sat)
Sunday: Field Trip
Monday: Free day
Programme - Laboratory work;
- Field trips to nearby towns;
- Field trips to national heritage sites;
- Workshops on:
  • Tróia in the Roman Empire;
  • Introduction to the study of archaeological collections;
  • Roman pottery and its classification;
  • Intruduction to the study of animal bones;
  • Introduction to conservation principles;
  • Other workshops depending on lecturers availability.
Fee 75£/day*, including:
- Shuttle from/to Lisbon Airport
- Full room and board
- Lab materials
- Workshops
- Fied trips
- Application fee
- Administrative costs
- Fees DO NOT INCLUDE airfare
* discounted tuition for UCL, UCD and UL students